How to Hypnotize Others Audio information program tells you how to properly hypnotize others. Making sure that you are always in a safe environment and protected. Knowing your surroundings at all times this program is a very powerful one.

You can help yourself and others in making changes that will affect your life for the better. Understanding your sub-conscious mind and how it works is life changing. This program can help you take away the mystery behind hypnosis and see the power it has. Use this with respect and caution.

V.A.K. Video Program is 2 Programs on how to read people and how they communicate. Knowing if someone is either (V) visual (they see the picture, looks good to them, or (A) auditory (that sound great and they want to listen and hear what you have to say) or (K) kinesthetic ( that just felt right, they get goosebumps when you share the information with them). This is an art and you will learn about other people as well as yourself. This will teach you how to word suggestions based on how they prefer to communicate.

How to Hypnotize Someone Video program is where I show you how to hypnotize someone as well as how to make sure they are safe and comfortable. It is important to also make surer the person being hypnotized is ok with you doing the hypnosis and you have consent from that person. Make sure they are of legal age and someone is with them and you. This process is very effective and you will be amazed at the results you will have. I will show you how to word suggestions so they are more effective for your subject. The PDF has other tips on this as well.

This is a passion of mine and has been for most of my life. I have help thousands of people that have been stuck and just needed someone to help them out. Words cannot describe the feeling you get when you help a person succeed.

Hypnotic Induction Music is also included with this program. This is the music that I have used in my entire career. It will help you get into a relaxing environment as well as the person you are hypnotizing. Put this on as you are doing the induction, remember to use it as a background sound.

Workbook (PDF) has the induction scripts in them. You will also notice that included in this PDF is certain words for the V.A.K. so that you may know the best way to give a suggestion and the proper words to use.

Self Confidence Audio Hypnosis program is what I created for everyone that says they can’t do it, they don’t have the confidence to ever try to hypnotize someone. This will be the first program you listen to. You will have the confidence to do it and the rest is history. You will be confident and enjoy the process. Now it’s time to go and have fun….

Works on PC & MAC