Mind & Body Health Audio program is information that will help you understand your body needs. This program is also with Dr. Brian Scott. Always check with your Doctor or Health Professional and remember that everyone is different and this program is intended to keep you healthy and energetic.

Mind & Body Workbook w/ audio program will keep you on track. It will help you get down to your ideal weight. What are you willing to do and what are you capable of doing? This is a great way to feel great about yourself and not ever depriving yourself. No more diets and painful workouts.

There is also a bonus (PDF) book with 35 tips on how to keep you on track too.

Lose Weight Now Audio Hypnosis program will help you get to your ideal weight without the pain of a diet or depriving your self of food. Your mind and body should never suffer or be in pain in order for you get into your ideal size. Cutting back 10% and making the correct choices of food is what this is all about.

Exercise Get Tone Audio Hypnosis program is about you enjoying your life without having to join a gym and feeling pain. Having more fun and enjoying your life is what this is all about, slowly increasing the steps you take and being accountable for having fun. Shopping, games, and activities are all part of your moving more. Enjoy your freedom and time.

Eliminate Snacks & Sweets Audio Hypnosis program is all about moderation. If you love chocolate and enjoy sweets from now and then, good for you. Just eat the chocolate in the morning instead of at night. Cut back 10% on that as well and on junk foods, fried foods and the drinks that are not helping you get the energy you want or helping you get into your ideal weight as well. Remember never deprive yourself. Just learn to reward yourself and cut back.

Letting Go of Stress Audio Hypnosis program is taking control of the way you feel. Stress is caused by wanting to control things we have no control of. We are in control of what this means to us and have the power to let go of the things we can’t control. By doing so we have a healthier mind and body. Maybe you don’t have a weight problem you just have a storage problem and you are stuck in the past and now get to let it go. This program is very powerful in taking our emotions back and feeling confident.


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