Power of Communication & Influence Audio program is that teaches you how to communicate in business so you learn that influence is really all about how to connect with people so that everyone feels value.

Creating a strong personal and business relationships is really the 1st rule for success. This program will increase your sales and business once you get how to properly and effectively communicate.

Where will your business be when you apply this technique, how much more success do you want and can you handle?

It not how much can you handle. It’s about how much have you been settling for. Never settle.

Power of Decision Audio program is knowing when to make the right move and how to make the right move. Timing is everything when it comes to striking a deal. You always make a decision, sometimes it’s not the one you want is it? That can all change in a moment. By not deciding to do something, you decided to do nothing. You decided to invest in this program for a result not so it looks good in your library so it feels good in your life. Decide and do it.

Power of Decision Workbook (PDF) w/audio will ensure you are staying on track and knowing when your timing is perfect. This gives you a roadmap so you are aware of the decisions that they are most effective. Spend some time on this and take it seriously.

Asking the Right Questions Audio Hypnosis program is knowing how to understand your questions that you are asking yourself so you get the blocks and programs out of your mind that are not empowering you.

Your mind will make excuses for you when you ask the question that would have a negative answer. “How come I always have fear in doing deals” Your mind will justify that question with a procrastinating action on your life. The mind would find reasons for you to create fears and procrastinate. the answer your mind would say is “because you don’t have the experience or time, why take the risk” so you don’t move forward in your goals.

The better question is ” How do I attract wealth into my life, influence others to do the same and enjoy the process so I can pay it forward” That is a more powerful question.

Power of Language Audio Hypnosis program is understanding how to read people and their language patterns. Just like a professional poker player does. Every thought and word has a physical response. Knowing how to read that person when negotiating is a key point. This is fun and people will not know how you are doing this.

Power of Visualization Audio Hypnosis program is knowing what you want and visualizing that into your life. What you focus on is what you will attract and create in your world. The power of this will remove fear and stop you from procrastinating. It’s because you have reasons why you want success and that is what moves you forward in accomplishing your desires.

Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Video Program are 2 Programs on how to read people and how they communicate. Knowing if someone is either (V) visual (they see the picture, looks good to them, or (A) auditory (that sound great and they want to listen and hear what you have to say) or (K) kinesthetic ( that just felt right, they get goosebumps when you share the information with them). This is an art and you will learn about other people as well as yourself.


Instant Download – Digital Delivery. Works on Phone, Tablet or Desktop. PC or Mac.