Master Hypnotist • Empowerment Expert • Transformational Speaker

Mark Yuzuik is unlike any Corporate Speaker you have ever seen. What makes him so unique is his ability to connect with an audience and empower them from where they are mentally and emotionally – to where they want to be. In other words, he helps people achieve more and be more.

The audience gets to experience this amazing transformation for themselves and the results are extraordinary. This is the presentation that your attendees will be talking about long after the event is over.

His highly engaging presentations are a special blend of Information and Entertainment – often referred to as INFOTAINMENT! As a skilled hypnotist and master of human behavior, Mark Yuzuik can envoke real, long-lasting change in individuals. This is accomplished by explaining how the conscious mind creates barriers of self-doubt and insecurity (the Information) and then he demonstrates how hypnosis (the Entertainment) can be applied to bypass those “mental roadblocks” and unleash an unstoppable mindset.

TWO different presentations combined to deliver ONE amazing event


The first part of Mark Yuzuik’s presentation is sure to capture the attention of everyone in attendance.

As a highly skilled and accredited Hypnotist, Mark demystifies the myth and mystery of hypnotic trance. He explains that hypnosis is unlike what television and the movies have portrayed it to be. Mark clearly states that he is not a mind-control savant that swings a watch in front of your eyes and makes you cluck like a chicken.

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The reality is that hypnosis is very safe and natural state of mind that everyone experiences (whether they know it or not) several times a day. To demonstrate this Mark Yuzuik invites audience volunteers on stage to enjoy the benefits of a real hypnotic trance.

After a short induction to relax the mind and body, Mark uses his expertise to bypass the critical mind and unleash the endless boundaries of imagination. This is the part of the show that amazes and amuses everyone.

At the conclusion of the presentation, Mark Yuzuik instills in his audience volunteers a powerful suggestion of positive change. A suggestion that is delivered directly to the subconscious mind to increase confidence and create an unstoppable mindset.


Following the live hypnosis demonstration, the second part of the presentation is no less engaging.

Mark Yuzuik reveals the little-known secrets about hypnosis and how everyone can harness its powerful abilities. His fun, fast-paced style is sure to keep your attendees involved and enthralled. This is the stuff you wish you learned in school!

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Mark uses his warm, humorous personality to explain step-by-step how your mind can become cluttered with thoughts that keep you from achieving your full potential. He further explains how a daily application of hypnosis can quickly overcome the clutter in your mind and release a new, powerful mindset that is strong, powerful and confident.

Audiences worldwide have commented on Mark’s natural speaking style and enjoy his ability to explain complex ideas in an easy to understand manner.

Mark Yuzuik is also a published author. His book titled, Creating The Life You Want has been read (and re-read) by thousands. In addition, he has created a very popular line of empowerment products that Improve Relationships, Create More Wealth,  Feel Healthy & Happy and End Negative Habits.

Bring Mark Yuzuik to your next event and

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