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In your business and personal life, how you relate is going to determine what you attract into your life. When you’re faced with a problem or some unexpected event, you have a choice to either complain or give up or to face it, make the most of it, and do the best you can. Getting that success or favorable outcome all comes down to having the right mindset and attitude.

Welcome to the Get Your Mind Set podcast with Mark Yuzuik. Mark is a master hypnotist, author, speaker, and success coach who has studied human behavior over the last twelve years. In this pilot episode, he talks about the value of getting into the right mindset and having the right attitude to turn your situation around and get the results you want. It’s your mind, and it’s time for you to get your mind set up for success.

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Get Your Mind Set Up For Success

Do The Best With What You Have

I’m here in Honolulu, Hawaii. I just got done doing an event. It was an event that the producer always had about 150 people. When we got here, it’s the timing or whatever the deal was, he didn’t have the expected people that he thought was going to show up. Let’s say there were about 60 people to start with. By the time I got there, there were less than 40. When I looked at the room, my first gut feeling is, “No,” and then I realized, at this moment I have a choice to make and the choice is very simple. I can either go in there and do the best job I can. I can do the best job I know how to do because those 30 or 35 people that are there, they have a right to get 100% from me as whatever I’m doing, whether it’s a speaker or a show or whatever that particular event that I’m doing. They have a right for that.

I told my wife, “I’m going to have fun with this because we’re here anyway. We’re in Hawaii. Why not make the best of it? What happens, happens.” Here’s the thing, you don’t know what kind of relationship you’re going to pull out of this. This could be one of the best events you ever came to but you go in with a bad attitude and you go, “This sucks. They should have done a better job.” If that’s your energy going in, how do you think you’re going to relate to somebody? In my business and in your business and your relationships, personal or whatever, how you relate your relationship is going to determine what you attract into your life. Why does it have to be a bad event? Your expectation was, “I wanted a lot of people.” What if they were the wrong people versus having the right people and what is the right people mean to you?

When I went in there with the attitude, I thought, “Let’s have fun with this. Let’s have a great time.” Here’s an opportunity where we can get to know somebody and we’ll spend more time getting to know who they are. From there, who knows what can come about it? Even the producer said, “It was a fun show and it was great. Everybody got value out of it and we made a difference.” That’s what it’s all about and at the end, the producer comes up and he goes, “I am so sorry.” I said, “Sorry for what?” He said, “I expected more people.” I said, “It’s not about that. It’s about doing the best job we have with what we have.”

He said, “I will have you at every one of my events. I’ve done this for ten years and I’m not sure what the problem is but it could be that it’s the wrong time of the year because of graduations and what’s going on.” I said, “I would love to be at all your events.” He said, “I don’t know if I could have done that,” and I said, “You could have. Would you have?” Ask yourself the same question, when you show up to a place and your expectation is, “You want this and this and this in order to be a good event or have a good time or whatever that is for you.” If your expectation and your rules are, “If this doesn’t meet up, then I can have this outcome,” then ask yourself, “Why are you putting that on there? Why are you taking away the opportunity?”

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Maybe if there were 150 people there, I wouldn’t have met the people at that event and got to know those people that said, “I have an event too. I’d like you to come to my event. I own a multilevel marketing downline with 17,000 people. Would you be interested in speaking at my event and doing a show?” Maybe if there were 150 people there, I wouldn’t have had that opportunity but I sure wouldn’t have had the opportunity if I went there with the attitude, “This sucks. He told me this. I’m walking out.” I know some other speakers, entertainers, people in the business or whatever that is would have shown up with one expectation and not delivered and cheated themselves and their customers out of an experience.

Create Who You Are

When I first got the numbers, I go, “How many people are there?” He texted me, “61 when I got there, there are twenty that left.” I thought there’s a reason and a purpose for everything and how I go into this and my attitude is not going to create more people but it will create who I am. The events don’t create your anger, your gratefulness, your sadness or when you’re blaming somebody else. What creates that, you already have those in you. All those traits and all those emotions are already within you.

What surfaces or comes out when you’re at the event. If you’re always walking around not being grateful and being angry, they didn’t meet this expectation and this person didn’t step up like they were supposed to. “Things aren’t going the way my life is going because that person does their job.” If that’s who you are, always blaming situations for being angry, pissed off and not getting the results you want, you’ve got to take a step back and say, “Maybe those situations are an opportunity. Maybe they were there to test me or to make me stronger,” to become a stronger person, a stronger man, a stronger woman, stronger businesspersons and stronger in a relationship because your relationship is everything. How you relate to someone and to yourself is going to determine what you attract and who you attract into your life. I met some phenomenal people here and because of that, this is going to turn out to be a great event because I didn’t make as much money or sales as I wanted or expected because I would have made more with the numbers. Simple math tells you that.

Does that mean I have to have a bad experience? No. What makes a good or bad experience and makes a great outcome is the relationships that you create and how you deal with the situation. If I had gone up and go, “There are only 30 people here. I’m out of here. The producer didn’t do his job. That’s not my fault. I’m going to sit on the beach and have a drink.” What would that message send to the people that did take their time, that did take their money to be at that event? You don’t know who’s in that audience and imagine if they made a phone call, “We saw this guy at an event. He walked out because there were only 30 people there. I wanted to experience something.”

GYMS 1 | Get Your Mind Set
Get Your Mind Set: How you relate to someone and to yourself is going to determine what you attract and who you attract into your life.

Things Happen For A Reason

Someone needed you and you weren’t there because your ego got in the way. What if your ego didn’t get in the way? What if all you realized was in life we’re always tested and we’re handed different things. How we handle what we’re handed is what’s going to determine who we are as a person. That’s a disappointment only because we always want to have more gratefulness, more people there that we could share our message with but sometimes that’s not supposed to be like that. Sometimes things happen for us for a reason but if all we’re doing is looking for the reasons why it isn’t exactly what we should have an expectation of what somebody promised, then we’re going to miss out on the life lessons because it’s the lessons in life that make us who we are as a person and makes us a strong woman, a strong man and a strong person.

Who do you want to be in business with? Who do you want to have a relationship with? Somebody that always says, “If things don’t go exactly my way, then I’m going to get pissed off and I’m going to have this attitude.” How do you handle problems when they come up? When I heard about what this guy has to offer, Paul, he’s got a phenomenal program that lets people get into investments in real estate in Indiana that cashflow. I said, “Paul, you’ve got to come to my event. I had been looking for somebody like you for years. Isn’t that ironic?” If I had an attitude, walked out and said, “This guy can’t do what he says he’s going to do,” I would have missed that opportunity for you, my audience, my customers and my clients to have some freedom financially because of my attitude. Because I sat, then I got an opportunity to listen and I didn’t have a lot of distractions because when there are not that a lot of people there, they’re not going to come up and ask you a lot of questions. I’ve got to listen to some of the other speakers and what a great gift that is and because of that, I got to pay it forward.

My real estate business partner does a lot of developments and things like that. When you deal with people of that caliber and is that highly successful, they have ups and downs. This guy made $83 million in three years. The reason why not a lot of people can do the kind of business he’s doing is that things don’t always go the way they think or expect. When you do $10 million to $60 million to $100 million deals, nothing and never ever will a situation or deal go exactly the way you expect it. Here’s what I challenge you to do. Go interview people that do $10 million deals plus and ask them, “Did everything go exactly as you planned?”

Interview as many as you can. What they do is they are professional business solvers. They’re problem solvers. They know how to deal with, “How do I fix what was thrown at me at the time?” That’s their whole life. It’s not, “Look how smooth things are going.” They’re always figuring out how to fix problems, “This is the first time this happened.” Those are always the problems they got to fix. This happened and they didn’t see that coming. They never see it coming but do you know why they fix it? They figure out solutions and they would never be as successful as they were if they didn’t have those problems. It’s how they handled their problems.

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Can you imagine having $1 million a month payroll and not having the insurance companies pay you and you got to handle that? What do you do? You figure things out. That’s what makes the difference between a businessman who’s a super achiever and somebody that does business, that if it doesn’t go their way, they give up. Do you know some of the greatest problems? The greatest problems are some of the most successful events and outcomes you can have and the reason why is because you learn from your problems. You fix it because you’ve got to create a new way of fixing something but more importantly is you have to find and be creative on finding relationships from people that have dealt with these problems before and how to handle them. When you find those relationships, instead of your ego getting in the way and go, “I got this problem. I’m going to give up. I’m giving this deal back. It didn’t turn out the way I expected it.” That’s what makes you a super achiever in business and in your relationships. It’s how you handle situations.

Learn From Your Problems

Why do they have to be problems? Why can’t they be fun growth challenges in our life? If all we’re focused on is how come everything happens to me, then you relating to yourself and you’re bringing that into your life. It’s how you handle things that happen for you and that’s what it is. I want you to do something. I want you to go out there and find out. Interview some people that are super achievers because if you can do that and you go out there, you realize what it takes for people to get through there, you’ll find gratefulness and appreciation because you’ve stepped out of your box of this is the way things are supposed to be. Things are exactly where they’re supposed to be for a reason. The only difference is if you don’t handle it right or if you come here with a bad attitude, don’t expect to get a great outcome and don’t expect to attract the people in your life that are going to help you when you have that situation. People don’t judge you for what you have, they judge you for how you handle problems when they’re thrown at you.

Step Out Of The Box

If everything goes great and everything goes perfect, the truth is you could be missing out on an opportunity because how do people see you when there is a problem and you didn’t give them that opportunity to show you who you are. When things are going great, “Look how great things are going and look at what I’ve accomplished.” You didn’t accomplish anything. Everything was right exactly where it’s supposed to be. You’re in a car that drives itself but when you have obstacles, challenges and you don’t know what’s around the corner, you approach it with the right attitude and with the right mindset and realize that this is a brand-new road that I’m going down. This road is here so I can grow, not only for myself but how I handle it and how I can impact other people, that’s your true growth. That’s where you make a difference.

Welcome Problems In Your Life

Initially, your first gut reaction is you’re pissed off or irritated because things didn’t go exactly your way at work or in your business or in your relationship. Why don’t you step back and say, “What can I learn from this? How can I grow from this? Maybe this happened for a reason. Maybe there’s something even deeper than I can create and manifest into my life and that’s where I’m going to have true growth. Because from there is where I get to see who I am and how I handle situations.” You’re going to be surprisingly yourself and you’re going to be fulfilled because you thought, “I did that. I came here with a great attitude.” The only reason you don’t is that it’s ego-driven and you want things handed to you for a reason. Why don’t you welcome problems in your life sometimes? When you welcome problems in your life, you get a different result and you get to share that experience and people get to see who you are.

GYMS 1 | Get Your Mind Set
Get Your Mind Set: People don't judge you for what you have. They judge you for how you handle problems when they're thrown at you.

Do you know how you tell when a good partnership is a good partnership? It’s when you either make a lot of money or you have a lot of problems and how you handle a situation. If you’re going to blame somebody else, they’re going to walk away, pissed off and it’s not your fault, then you missed the greatest opportunity in life. You could have had the greatest partner. Maybe the greatest person you’re looking for is the person giving you problems right now in your life but how you handle it is going to determine who you are. I’ve been doing a lot of events and I will tell you a lot of times things aren’t what they used to be like they were ten, twelve or fifteen years ago when you walk into a room, there are 800 to 1,000 people.

Now, sometimes you walk into a room and they tell you there are going to be 200 to 300 people there, but there are only 30 to 40 people. What are you going to do? Initially, you’re going to get a little frustrated but if you have the chance and the opportunity to change your mind and you do because you own your mind. If you don’t do something, then you don’t have a right to be there again when they do have 800 people. It’s not that you don’t get frustrated and wish for the best. I understand that. If you go in there with the attitude as, “I’m here anyway,” maybe there’s somebody in that room that sees how you handle that and from there, your greatest opportunity opens up.

What could you be grateful for? I want you to think of something that happened in your past that irritated you or frustrated you. Think about was there an opportunity that you missed if you had handled it differently, which you could have, “If I had handled this differently, could I have met somebody? Could I have created something? Could I have done something different in my life that would’ve brought me closer to being happy, fulfilled and have some growth in my life?” If you have that attitude, then I can promise you one thing. The next time you have a problem, go in there with that attitude because you don’t know what you don’t know and the things that are going to happen for you could be right around the corner disguised as something that looks like a problem. Not all packages are wrapped in this pretty little bow. Sometimes, packages are wrapped where it looks like there are problems but how you unwrap that package and what’s inside that package is who you are and maybe that’s the true gift.

Get Your Mind Set Up For Success

What I want you to do is I want you to think about what could you have been grateful for? The next time there’s a problem, could you go into that problem and say, “I’m going to go there with the right attitude and the right energy and whatever happens, I know there’s a good purpose behind that.” It’s your mind and it’s time for you to set it the way you want. Get your mindset set up for success and your relationships because how you relate to yourself and others is how you show up for yourself in the mirror and to the people in the world. Getting your mindset for success is who you’re all about.

Thank you very much. Please share with me some experience that you had that you thought were problems that you turned around and realized they were the greatest blessing in this world. Because the gifts that you don’t see that are sometimes right in front of you are wrapped and hidden behind some of the problems that you have. If there’s anything you want to work on, email me and let me know. Let’s figure this out and let’s face our challenges and have the results that we want. Get your mind set straight. Until next time.

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